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TAOS 900 Dental Chair (LINGCHEN)

Original price 5,400,000 IQD - Original price 5,400,000 IQD
Original price
5,400,000 IQD
5,400,000 IQD - 5,400,000 IQD
Current price 5,400,000 IQD
Color: Green

1.With long cushion- 2.2 M, microfiber leather, it is more suitable for the strong and tall patients to receive treatments. With double- articulated headrest and comfortable seat, which height can be raised and lowered freely in the range from 380mm to 800mm, including the last- seat- height memory function. It is more suitable for the elderly, pregnant women and other patients with limited mobility to receive treatments.

2.Correct working distance- each distance from the constructurer of  dental chair is calculate by science way, to maintaining an ergonomic position.

3.Metal frame- thickness metal, patient chair carry 180 KG.

4.Works quietly, gently stops and starts during patient positioning, provide a comfortable treatment experience.

5.Filter operation LED lamp with built- in camera.
To avoid direct sharp light on the patient’s eyes and dentist’s eyes to cause discomfort during treatment, filter operation LED lamp is developed, with focus and peaceful light for people; Built- in camera for better view while treatment.

6.Built in electric suction- working by electric, Suction work smoothly and powerful, can replace the vacuum pump to save cost and space in clinic.

7.WIFI foot pedal:
No limitation by wire, dentist free to use LEFT/ RIGHT leg, make the work more relax and easier.


Air Compressor, built- in LED scaler, oral camera with screen, curing light, dental handpieces.

Rated Voltage AC220V- 230V/ AC 110- 120V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
Water pressure 2.0- 4.0 bar
Water Flow ≧ 10L/ min
Air Consumption Dry & Wet Suction ≧ 55L/ min (5.5-8.0bar)
Water Consumption Air Negative Pressure ≧ 55L/ min
Patient Chair Carry Capacity 180KG
Base height range Low point: 343mm  Hight point 800mm
Headrest Dual-articulating gliding headrest; lever release
Input Power  1100VA
Chair control Delivery system touchpad or foot switch
Upholstery options Microfiber leather or PU


Without options(Only Lightcure & Scailar) 5328000 IQD

With options 6216000 IQD